1. Bay Bridge in the early evening.

  2. Window

  3. Waterway, Prague

  4. Down memory lane

  5. In the Gloaming

  6. Golden Memories

  7. All you have to do is glow…

  8. A Memory of What Once Was There

  9. Dreams of Grandeur

    National Museum, Prague, Czech Republic

    (Taken in 2000 with Kodak film, edited with VSCO Film)


  10. 40proof asked: Really diggin' the photos! Found your page on the Monterey tag; local?

    Thanks so much for your kind words! I’m sort of local - I live up near San Jose, but I do go down to Monterey on a semi-regular basis. Such a beautiful area for photography. I’ll be posting more from Monterey in the next few days!

  11. MGMT during the First City Festival in Monterey, CA.

  12. Macau Temple, 2002

    Edited with VSCO

  13. Nostalgia

  14. Macau Garden, 2002

  15. Grand Staircase (at Filoli)